Growth Hacking isn’t a skill in Switzerland

It’s a bold statement “Growth Hacking isn’t a skill in Switzerland“, given that growth hacking is a buzz in the main Internet startup hubs around the world.

But here’s my simple proof:

No one has registered, etc. And by definition, a real growth hacker would do this (as it’s a no-brainer SEO way to get clients, build his own brand).

Addendum: I’ve just bought them.

The last 3 software startups I’ve talked to all have a growth hacker “to be hired” on their org chart, so it is becoming a hot topic. Yet there’s no culture of growth hacking in Switzerland. I think we are going to hear more and more about this over the next year. Ultimately the ideas of growth hacking are nothing new – the really successful Internet startups have used some of these techniques since the 1990s. What’s new, is the general acceptance of it’s importance. It’s driven by examples such as Twitter’s where growth was plateauing until they applied growth hacking (and not marketing) techniques to welcoming new users and making Twitter compelling for these new users.

There is small flaw in my proof – there are a few growth hackers in Switzerland but they are working full-time at companies so their services are not for hire.

Expect to see the first Swiss Growth Hacking meetups soon!

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