There’s a lot of innovation in Switzerland, and yet, just like every other region in the world, it wants to create a better technology/innovation/startup ecosystem.

This blog tries to get to the heart of the amazing innovation happening in Switzerland, to understand how well the innovation is being exploited and what can be done to improve this.

It’s called HighTechFondue because, well, HighTech is technology, and Fondue represents:

  • There are many different views, priorities and solutions – it’s a big fondue melting pot!
  • Getting innovation to thrive is about getting the Universities, startups, multinationals, finance and support organisations to be part of a coherent ecosystem – again a big fondue melting pot.
  • And has we enter a more high tech world, increasingly innovation is driven by a combination of technologies. A great example is the Blue Brain project which brings together computing, micro/nano engineering, neuroscience, etc. – again a bit fondue melting pot.

And thanks to the Lift conference in Geneva for bringing Fondue to the core of the Swiss innovation discussion with the annual Lift Fondue night!

email dave at loganbrown.com

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Enjoying this already Dave! And very much looking forward to reading what’s to follow. It’s about time someone peeled back the rind and peeked into those Swiss cheese holes to see if they’re filled with a load of hot air or a caquelon-full of undiscovered success stories. Best of luck with this!

  2. Great insights Dave ! I wonder how the authorities see their role in the ability to push innovation through start-up support as as well as through effectively link corporates to the right start-ups…

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